Aesthetics & Dentures – attractive, comfortable and trouble-free

Our natural teeth are made up of multi-colored, transparent materials in different layers.  Chameleon effect is the translucent property of how dentures appear in sunlight.  Like the UV lights in the disco, teeth always appear natural. Smiling is a theatrical production.  Our mouth opens like a curtain and our stars present themselves – our teeth.  As dentists and dental technicians, we can make a good first impression even in less than favorable conditions.

Veneers” are the thin ceramic coating that beautiful covers unsightly teeth. They are bonded to teeth, with only a slight loss of tooth substance. Particularly with small corrections, or when trying to match discolored teeth, veneers are a perfect way to correct most cosmetic dental flaws.

Combined prosthesis is the esthetic solution that has both fixed and removable parts. Their advantage is that they clamp on loosely to anchored remaining teeth. They sit precisely, are stable and they are virtually invisible.