Functional Analysis

Functional analysis is used to diagnose, regulate and maintain the health of the entire masticatory system. Symptoms such as TMJ, neck and back pain and tension headaches are often the result of an incorrect bite.

First, we thoroughly investigate to see if the cause of your complaint is due to your teeth or bite.
The cause ties in closely with targeted therapy.  Diagnosis is based on an analysis model  (eg. A model of your bite) and jaw movement simulation.  The “articulator” gives detailed information about which teeth are responsible for a disorder.  Subsequent treatment for most physiologic occlusal position problems is usually a bite splint.  Teeth are first temporary and then finally supplied with perfect quality, long-lasting restorations.

Basic requirements for the natural and aesthetic appearance of teeth are, in addition to effective functional analysis and good teamwork with his own dental laboratory, one where solutions are custom-tailored to your unique needs.

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