Longer lives and more complex diets puts higher demands on periodontal structures. Unless properly cared for, failure to provide adequate oral hygiene can lead to a relatively harmless inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) or it can even lead to dreaded periodontitis, which may loosens  teeth to the point of tooth loss later in life.

Sylvia Paulsen is one of the few dental hygienists in Berlin who has studied this subject in depth. After graduating with top marks, she has excelled in several dental offices in Berlin, gathering extensive experience before she joined our team.

Her first step is to point out where there are particularly large deposits of particulates and to assess how much the gums are bleeding.  This is followed by professional dental cleaning, or prophylactic treatment, to thoroughly remove build-up on hard and soft surfaces followed by polishing all tooth surfaces.

After prophylactic treatment your teeth will feel clean and well maintained. Ms. Paulsen will then give you detailed instructions about the proper use of oral hygiene tools and she will suggest daily routines that will make it easy to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.