Nasim Chegeny, Mitarbeiterin der Praxis, im eigenen Haus erfolgreich kieferorthopädisch behandelt

Treatment of teeth misalignment

Without question, discreet misalignment of teeth can be quite charming.  Severe deformities, however, have their drawbacks.  Not only can dental care be quite tedious, teeth misalignment can cause long-term damage such as tooth decay, accelerated wear of teeth and TMJ disorders.
Here lies our strength. With our further qualifications in functional analysis and orthodontics, we are able to align teeth not only to create a beautiful end effect, but also to preserve the harmony of the jaw joint and their associated neuromuscular structures.
Not only will your smile be brighter, you can rest assured that our selected corrections are performed in the context of your entire masticatory system.
Unobtrusive corrective solutions
For patients who want an unobtrusive corrective solution, there are alternatives to typical teenage braces.  We believe that tooth colored brackets and wires with tight clasps on the back of the teeth along with correction through transparent, removable rails offer a very acceptable unobtrusive corrective solution.
We are here to advise you!