We create teeth that fit you!  For all denture work, whether fillings or crowns, bridgework, telescopic dentures or complete dentures, after a thorough investigation we will, along with the support of our dental technicians, advise you and present you with an overview of all of the benefits of modern dentistry and dental technology.

Choices regarding shape, color and effect are chosen together with our technicians. During an individual design consultation specific to your teeth, we work to achieve a natural look together with you based on your desires regarding color and shape . Together with you we find the optimal fit for your jaw and mouth conditions to ensure comfortable and customized care.

We use only clinically proven bio-alloys with proven biocompatibility to prevent allergic reactions. Metal compounds are manufactured solder-free in order to avoid any additional risks associated with metal mixing allergies.

Of special concern in our dentistry is the design of biofunctional bite based on contemporary research and development.  The end result is that your bite feels  just like biting with your own teeth.